Health and Spa Wellness in Serbia

The great natural wealth of Serbia is reflected by the existence of more than one thousand springs of cold and warm mineral water. Although only about fifty of them are currently in use, there is a huge potential for the future development of the others.

The spas are mainly located at the foot of the mountains, surrounded by forests and shielded from extreme weather conditions in the summer and the winter. Such places have favorable geographical locations filled with fresh unpolluted air. Apart from treatments intended for curing different health problems, wellness programs intended for keeping the vitality of the body are becoming increasingly present in the spas too.

The most famous spas are Vrnjacka Banja, Banja Koviljaca, Zlatibor, Sokobanja, Atomska Banja, Banja Junakovic, Vrdnik, Niska Banja and others.

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Rural Tourism

Serbia is traditionally an agricultural country and the experience of the rural way of life provides a wonderful insight into the hospitable character of its people in the countryside.

Rural tourism is predominantly divided into four regions and visitors can surrender to the picturesque landscape and the multicultural variety of Vojvodina; relax on the gentle hills of Central Serbia; enjoy the gastronomical charms of Western Serbia, or think of life in the mysterious tranquility of the intact regions of Eastern Serbia.

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The Danube

The Danube runs through 588 km in Serbia. There are many historical and cultural sites along its route such as the historical towns of Sremski Karlovci, Golubac and Veliko Gradiste and more.

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Active Holidays

Visitors can enjoy a multitude of activities including cycling, walking, mountaineering, sailing, fishing and white water rafting. They can also enjoy winter sports in one of the mountain ski resorts, Mount Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Stara Planina.

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Sport Centers

There are many sports facilities in Serbia characterized by modern infrastructures and favorable climate which allows athletes and teams from different countries to conduct their preparations for international competitions. The most famous sports centers are located in Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Tara and Stara Pazova.

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Serbia as Business Destination:

Serbia is officially recognized as Europe’s fastest growing MICE destination. Belgrade’s convenient conference package is located just 15 minutes from the Airport, and features modern and equipped congress centers such as:

Belgrade: “Sava Center”, “BelExpo Center” and the Belgrade Fair

Novi Sad: the new Master Congress Centre in Novi Sad

Subotica: fine hotels with conference facilities

The mountain resorts of Zlatibor and Kopaonik

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Cultural Events

Serbia is a country of numerous music, theatre and film festivals, literary events, sporting competitions, carnivals and events that cherish the traditional national creativity of its people.

Its most famous music festivals include “Exit”, the International Jazz Festival in Nis, Belgrade’s classical music festival “BEMUS” and the Trumpet Festival.

Serbia has a rich reputation in film production and the Belgrade International Film Festival FEST is held at the beginning of each year. Palic near to Subotica also has a highly reputable and applauded film festival and Cinema City in Novi Sad is an open-air film festival held annually.

Sport is an important part of everyday life in Serbia so almost every year, there is a Balkan, European or World sports championship organized in Serbia.

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